Welcome Shawn Lorenzen

Shawn Lorenzen

Please join us in welcoming Shawn Lorenzen, our newest team member. Shawn comes to us with a long family history of farming and business. Both his father and grandfather were farmers in Nebraska where he grew up.  Shawn spent ten years learning the basics of the nursery business with his father-in-law as a hobby,  an experience that gave him enthusiasm for not only growing, but marketing plants. 

Prior to joining John Holmlund Nursery, Shawn spent fifteen years in education teaching levels from 5th grade through college. He taught mainly in the classroom. With shifts in education moving toward online education, Shawn spent the past several years focusing on internet marketing with an emphasis on logic and business ethics. At the same time of transitioning from classroom to online education led Shawn into the fields of web design, publishing and bridging the various gaps of the digital divide.

Shawn spent three years pastoring a church in Damascus, Oregon as well as being an interim pastor in Hannover, Germany. Shawn really enjoys the time he spends with his wife and three children. His hobbies include woodworking, fishing, reading, gardening/farming, teaching classes at the local church, traveling and coaching baseball and soccer.

Shawn brings the same dedication to work that he has shown to family and community. That is why we feel he will be a tremendous asset to our nursery as well as to you in the upcoming years. Shawn likes to help others and is very good at solving problems. We have complete trust and confidence in his ability to serve you—our loyal customers. Please feel free to contact him and introduce yourself to him at your convenience.